I am an experimental and idea driven visual artist constantly looking for avenues of expression that combine old and new media to synthesis new possibilities conceptually, narratively, aesthetically and technically. I am fascinated in broadening animation as a subject area for the purpose of art, entertainment, and commercial use for both profit and creativity.


The creation of my works is related to subjects such as surrealism, dream, psychology and modern society phenomenon. The assumed innocence of animation may be contradicted by dark, fantasy and subversive methods of bringing ideas and narrative to life. My imagination is drawn with a touch of the macabre from my obsession of ugly things that I find compelling if not attractive. I also find erotic characters, saturated in deep colors create strange, subconscious worlds where our memories and daydreams lie. I seek to work both as a team and individual to discover analog visual effect and new forms of storytelling to create the representation of reality and approaching subject matter in a way that animation could facilitate in the history time-based media. Although they are different in principle but linked together, all grounded in my will to materialize my ideas, regardless of the means. 


Childs in the 80’s were born in colors. Since then, the world has been digitized while the speed of information is overloading our mind. The digitizing phenomenon is shaping our culture as I wonder how many mega-pixels can define our existence and holds our memories. As part of that movement, I would like to decode the compression of our over connected modern society by exploring how new digital media connects our culture identities. It encourages me by redefining the boundaries of still and moving image to reveal forms of artistic expression that visualize the art of error in lost of translation.