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2012 – 2015

School of Visual Arts  New York, USA

MFA Computer Art | Major in Experimental Film & Animation

Received Paula Rhodes Memorial Award

for exceptional achievement in Computer Art


2006 – 2009 

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design  UAL  London, UK

BA Graphic Design | Major in Moving Image


1999 – 2005 

Bootham School  York, UK


2023  東京短編映画祭 / Gold Awards for Best Experimental Film

           Paris Film Awards / Silver Awards for Best Experimental Film


2022  On Art Film Festival / Winner of Short Independent 

2019  Muse Creative Awards / Silver Awards for Best Experimental Film

2018  Cadaqués Shortfilm Festival / Gold Awards for Best Surrealism Film

           IMDb Independent Shorts Awards / Silver Awards for Best Film Noir

           Rome Prisma Awards, Italy / Finalist

2016  CreActive International Open Film Festival / Finalist 

           The Artists Forum Festival of the Moving Image / Best Sound

2015  Red Dot Awards / Winner of Communication Design, Film Art Category


2009  British Design & Art Direction (D&AD)

           / 1st Prize winner of D&AD Student Awards, Music Video Category

           Adobe Design Achievement Awards / Semi Finalist for Motion Graphics


2008  Smoke & Mirrors 48 Hour Film Competition / Shortlisted

2005  British Young Designer of the year / Nominated

E X H I B I T I O N S   &   F E S T I V A L S

2023  INTERSECCÓN, A Coruña International Film Festival, Spain / Official Selected

           Tokyo International Short Film Festival, Japan / Official Selected

           Paris Film Awards, France / Official Selected

           XPRMNTL Anti Festival, UK / Official Selected 

2022  IFFC Festival, Germany / Official Selected 

           VIDEOPARK Contemporary Art Festival, gallery Reflektor, Serbia / Official Selected

           Fashion Film Festival Chicago / Official Selected

           Florence Film Awards, Italy / Official Selected

           On Art Film Festival, Poland / Official Selected

2021  Rome Prisma Film Awards / Official Selected 

           Tokyo Monthly Film Festival  / Official Selected

           Chelsea Fashion Film Festival / Official Selected

           Open Vision Film Festival / Official Selected

2020  FRIEZE ART, Paramount Theater, LA / Screening

           */ADAF, Athens Digital Arts Festival "Technotribalism", Greece / Official Selected

           TCAC, Taipei Contemporary Art Centre "36 hours Artist's Cinema" / Art Group Show

           Dong Gallery Taipei, VOGUE / Screening

2019  Paris ASIA NOW Art Fair, France / Art Group Show

           NOWNESS "China Wave" Program / Featured      

           VAEFF, NY Video & Experimental Film Festival, US / Official Selected

           Dumbo Film Festival, Brooklyn / Official Selected

           Hanayo, Pocke Kenji Tokyo Gallery, Japan / Group Show

           Fashion Film Chicago, US / Official Selected

           Athens Fashion Film Festival, Greece / Official Selected

           Seattle International Fashion Film Festival, Carco Theatre, US / Official Selected

           Santiago Independent Film Awards / Official Selected

           Brussel Independent Film Festival, Belgium / Official Selected

           London Experimental, UK / Featured

           IBIZA CineFes, Spain / Official Selected

2018  LA Centre for Digital Art Electron Salon, LA / Art Group Show

           London Fashion Film Festival, Regent Street Cinema, London / Official Selected

           Fashion Film Chicago, US / Official Selected

           Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival, NY / Official Selected 

           Bucharest Fashion Film Festival, Romania / Official Selected 

           Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina / Official Selected

           Santorini Film Festival, Greece / Official Selected 

           IMDb Independent Shorts Awards / Official Selected

           ARFF International Amsterdam, Netherland / Official Selected

           Bideodromo Festival, BilbaoArte Art Production Centre, Spain / Official Selected

           Cadaqués Shortfilm Festival, Spain / Official Selection

           Stockholm Animation & Experimental Film Festival, Sweden / Official Selected

2017  Visionaria Festival, Italy / Official Selected

           Locomocion Experimental Animation Festival, Mexico  / Official Selected

           Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, HK / Official Selected

           Southampton Film Week, UK / Official Selected 

           ProxyAct International Film Festival, Berlin / Official Selected

           International Music & Fashion Parachute Light Zero, Paris / Official Selected

           INTO THE FUTURE Exhibition, Xinzhu 241 Digital Art Space / Art Group Show


2016  Brooklyn Film Festival / Official Selected

           / Screening at Wythe Hotel, Williamsburg / Windmill Studios NYC, Greenpoint

           / Syndicated, Bushwick / Made in NY Media Center by IFP, Dumbo / BRIC, Fort Green

           China International Cultural Industries Fair, Shenzhen / Showcased
           4 Times Sqaure Chashma Gala presented by SeeMe, NY / Art Group Show

           The Artist Forum Festival of the Moving Image, NY / Official Selected

           Avant Edge Film Festival, Chicago / Official Selected

           Hidden Door Festival, UK / Official Selected

           Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival, UK / Official Selected

           Amsterdam Experimental Film Festival, Netherlands / Official Selected  

           RiverRun International Film Festival / Official Selected

           New York Film Week / Official Selected

           Toronto Film Week / Official Selected

           18th Backup Film Award, Germany / Nominated

           Princeton Film Festival, NJ / Official Selected

           Ukrainian International Short Film Festival / Official Selected

           MediaWave International Film & Music Festival / Official Selected


2015  Red Dot "Design on Stage" Exhibition opening / Showcased

           SCOPE Art Miami / Art Group Show

           PIXELS OF IDENTITIES / Art  Group Show

           TECHTONIC SHIFT, NY / SVA Fall Exhibition 
           NODE TO SELF, NY / SVA Computer Art Show

           TAIPEI IN STYLE Fashion Show / Chiehms & S'CABONATE SS'15

           NY International Video Art Limousine Festival

           / LIQUID CITIES, XY Atelier Contemporary Art Gallery

           Visionaria Festival, Italy / Official Selected
           Indiefest Film Festival / Awards of Merit

           66th Montecatini International Short Film Festival / Official Selected

           Antimatter Media Art / Official Selected

           Bideodromo Experimental Film and Video Festival / Official Selected

           Carnegie Museum of Art Film Festival / Official Selected

           Meadow Glen Mall Experimental Film & Video Festival / Official Selected
           Woodstock Museum Film Festival / Official Selected

           Animaze Daze: Annecy / Official Selected

           IdN / Featured

2010  Soho Rush Film Festival / Official Selected
2009  D&AD New Blood Talent / Showcased

           CSM Degree Show, Barge House, London / Showcased

2008  Foundry London / Showcased

W O R K   E X P E R I E N C E


2022  Taipei, Taiwan

Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group | Motion Designer 

Designed motion graphics for無題島:孽種與魔法師 The Unamed Island : The Hagseed & The Wizward》at Taipei Traditional Theatre Center.

2021  Taipei, Taiwan

XIE XIE TEA | Visual Artist 

20mins Audiovisual live collaboration with Lim Giong 林強 on an experimental electronic music scene for XIE XIE tea.

2020  Taipei, Taiwan


Visual collaboration with Dong Gallery Taipei as part of VOUGE April cover project.

2020  Taipei, Taiwan

Taitung Craft Design Camp | Director

Produced a 30sec promotional video for 2020 Taitung  Craft Design Camp.

2020  NY, Taipei

Performa Art Biennial | Editor 

Video Editor for FAMEME, Artist Yu Cheng Ta and Museum of Durian, video screened at Timesquare. 

2019  Taitung, Taiwan

NOWNESS | Director 

Collaboration with French Artist ITEM IDEM (Cyril Duval) and featuring a musical score by American Producer DUTCH E GERM (Tim DeWit) directing on an experimental film short based on bombing master handan as part of NOWNESS's "China Wave" series. This film is a symbolic study on modern Chinese culture and performance art based on Bombing Master Handdan (God of wealth). The aesthetics of violence paints the video frame with explosions, inner vision and thought-process behind this dangerous ritual. 

2018 Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei Fashion Week | Runway Stage Designer

Visual collaboration with Fashion Designer JENN LEE on her new collection contributes to AKIRA's 30th Anniversary.

2018  Taipei, Taiwan

National Theatre | Motion Designer

Designed神農氏 GOD KNOWS》live stage visuals with National Theatre and promotional video. 

2017  Yilan, Taiwan

Mt. Project | Director, Animator

Directed a promotional video "Damage Control" for Parallax 2017 Yilan Moving Image Festival featuring Ryoji Ikeda.

2017  Taipei, Taiwan

Sony Music | Visual Artist

Designed a cover art for award winning jazz musician, Yu Ying Hsu and her album現在 HAPPENED, HAPPENING》

2017  Taipei / Shanghai

EMI Music | Director, Animator

Directed a concert music video "Jamaican Betel Nut" for Amei's 20th Anniversary concert tour.

2016  Taipei, Taiwan

Bito | Art Director, Editor

Designed parts of key image for 2016 Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony.

Developed visual storyboard and editing for Benz commercial.

2016  Taipei / HK

HIM Intentional Music | Director, Animator

Directed a lyric music video "Every day is a Miracle" for Hebe Tien & Visual Arts for "IF Concert" at Hong Kong Coliseum Arena.

2016  Taipei, Taiwan

Young Art Taipei 2016 | Visual Artist

Collaboration with YAT celebrating its 8th anniversary at Sheraton Grande Taipei. YAT connects contemporary art in East Asia to the world with vigorous participation over 60 galleries to promote young artists to domestic collectors. 


2016  Taipei / Berlin

MeowFound Music | Founder, Curator, Visual Artist

Co-Founder of MeowFound innovative music brand based in Taipei and Berlin curating "Sound of Soul" Partibition Vol.1 at Taipei Polymer. Collaboration with Daniel Williams (Sound Performance Artist), Valentin Tszin (Body Performance Artist), Applex Twin (Composer/DJ) & SNTS (DJ) to exchange electronic music art culture into a party exhibition to define new experience. 


2015  Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei In Style Fashion Show | Visual Artist

Collaboration with Chiehms & S'CABONATE to produce an animated visual art

for "Taipei In Style" Fashion show at Songshan Cultural and Creative.


2015  New York, USA 

Lillian Schwartz | Animator

Collaboration on a digital animation filmPANGLOSSand featuring a musical score by Jean-Claude Risset.


2014  Tokyo, Japan 

Manda Works | Director, Animator

Directed a short music video for Manda Works《LIGALIZE, Japanese electronic duo,

which consisted of Maechang and Cotebalaar based in NY & Tokyo.


2014  Paris, France

Cedric Elisabeth | VJ, Animator

Directed a sequence of animation and music video for sound designer Cedric Elisabth


2013  Taipei, Taiwan

Legacy Taipei | VJ, Animator

Directed for Cia Cia and Ze Hwang’s concert music video and animation in 70’s

style as part of “A Good Day Records” 10th anniversary.


2012  Taipei, Taiwan

VT Art Salon | Art Director, Visual Artist

Directed a video performance holds at VT Art Salon

as part of visual concept designer and animator.


2011  Taipei, Taiwan

Dancing Ink Animation Inc. | 2D Animator

2D animator on 10-man team producing commercial for terrestrial

broadcast as part of a multimedia animation studio campaign.


2009  London, United Kingdom

Jackson Pat Studio | Storyboard Artist

Developed visual storyboard to director’s copy for 30 second

television commercial broadcast across UK.


2008  London, United Kingdom

MTV UK | Animator

Successful pitch and production of two 15 second

idents indefinitely broadcast across rock and pop channels.

J U R Y  P A N E L S

2023  Naples, NY

TITAN Brand Awards | International Jury

Judging for design and branding categories.

2022  London, UK

London Photography Awards | International Jury

The jury panel comprised of experienced professionals in their field and industry, including creative and art directors from international agencies, established photographers, photo editors, art collectors, educators or business owners from around the world, bringing industry knowledge and category-specific skill sets to evaluate every entry.

2020, 2017  Lubuan, Malaysia

The Muse Creative Awards | International Jury

Scored films in Video Awards as part of Muse Creative Awards, an international advertising awards for creative professionals who possess the unique ability to inspire with concept, idea or design. whether through traditional materials or electronic media.

2017  Naples, NY 

Meters International Film Festival | International Jury

Scored films in Short films, Animations and Music videos Categories as an International Jury.

2016  NY / Bangladesh 

CreActive International Open Film Festival | International Jury

Scored films in Experimental Short Categories as an International Jury at iOFF.


2016 -17  Taipei, Taiwan

Xue Xue Institue | Lecturer

Teaching a course based on Art & Moving Image.

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