February 12, 2019

2018 JENN LEE VJ / Visual Artist / Runway Design Tribute to AKIRA 30th Anniversary.

February 12, 2019

National Theatre | Visual Artist

Design live visual collaboration with National Theatre play and promotional video.

November 25, 2017

這次受邀製作影像節的片頭~非常期待極簡主義電子音樂大師:池田亮司 Ryoji ikeda (official) 將於11月來台表演 ! 他改寫80年代後工業音樂、噪音、實驗聲響系譜,計畫 supercodex 巡迴全球,始於美國紐約大都會博物館、經英國 Attenborough 藝術中心、中國北京&上海 FUTURE X 電子音樂節,12月止於休士頓日以繼夜藝術節

映像節 2017 Parallax

11.18 - 12.10.2017

Video by Mel Hsieh / www.melhsieh.com
Music co...

August 14, 2017

Documentary Short | Ukraine | 2017 | DCP | Color | 17mins

Sound of Soul

The reality of the soul is among the most spiritual question of life. Although religions recognize its existence and scientists who claims to have proof, the idea of the souls emphatically more definitive than scientific proof. Let "Sound of Soul” take us...

Highlights of preparation photos



December 11, 2015

Collaboration with Chiehms & S'cabonate to produce an animated visual arts for Taipei In Style to celebrate another edition at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. The show's value was to promote the fashion industry in Taiwan, presented the R&D of the apparel and...

December 3, 2015

Miami Art WeekDec 2nd - 6th

Join the Miami Art Week, I had a piece (Untitled, Photo collage, 2015) showing at Scope Art | SeeMe:

"The Voice of the Artist" Contemporary Photography Exhibition.


Meanwhile attending the followings: (Here are some highligh...

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